Queensland Museum’s First Nations Strategy

First Nations

Strategies toward celebrating the richness and diversity of First Nations peoples and culture.

The Queensland Museum Network has just launched its First Nations Strategy which will facilitate mechanisms within their museums to celebrate the richness and diversity of First Nations peoples and a culture that has lived on this Country for over 60,000 years.

Here are some key takeaways:

• Focus on living cultures: The strategy acknowledges that First Nations cultures are thriving and ever-evolving. It aims to showcase the present alongside the past.
• Truth-telling and social awareness: The Museum recognises the importance of acknowledging the often-complex history of Queensland, including the impact of colonisation on First Nations people.
• First Nations leadership: The strategy emphasises active and respectful engagement with First Nations communities. The Museum aims to amplify their voices and ensure they have a leading role in shaping how their cultures are presented.
• Celebration and cultural exchange: The Museum aspires to be a platform for dialogue, healing, and cultural exchange. They want to create a space where the richness and diversity of First Nations cultures can be celebrated.
• Self-reflection and moving forward: The Queensland Museum acknowledges its colonial past and is committed to changing its practices. The strategy represents a move towards a more ethical and respectful relationship with First Nations people.

Overall, the Queensland Museum’s First Nations Strategy represents a significant step towards reconciliation and ensuring a more inclusive future for the Museum.