Members Area

Become a Member

BLH welcomes new members and offers three different categories of membership options for organisations and individuals.

Institutional Membership

Your organisation must be based in the Brisbane City Council area and be working within cultural heritage with similar objectives to BLH. Your organisation must also be operating professionally with an admissions policy for the public and regular opening hours or provision to open by appointment.

Associate Membership

Your organisation could be located outside the Brisbane City Council area with similar objectives to BLH and offer visitors an experience linked to their area’s history or heritage. Or, your organisation could be solely linked to the preservation, development and promotion of Brisbane’s cultural heritage, e.g. Historical Societies that do not operate a permanent display or museum site.

Individual Membership

Individuals who wish to support the objectives of BLH are welcomed. There are a range of benefits on offer, including discounts on our tours and events (please note that these discounts do not apply to the entrance fees and event costs at our member organisations).

Submit an Event

Organisational members are entitled to submit special event listings via our online event submission form for promotion on the BLH ‘What’s On’ Calendar.

Don’t leave your event submission to the last minute. It takes us time to review and approve your listing. And the point of listing your events on our ‘What’s On’ calendar is to promote your events to as many people as possible.

Click here to access the online submission form.

Preparing your content

  1. Plan your event promotion and what details you need to promote your event. Ensure that your venue, date, contact information details etc.… are at your fingertips.
  2. Create an exciting title that is snappy and attention grabbing! Please keep event titles short and interesting. Long titles look awkward on the ‘What’s On’ calendar.
  3. Prepare a promotional image for your event listing. Source a suitable picture that sums up your event. Ensure that you have marketing approval to use this image publicly. Please tidy and resize your image before uploading into our website. Your image needs to be in JPEG file format, be nicely cropped, and scaled to be a maximum of 600 pixels wide to fit on the ‘What’s On’ calendar.

Submitting your details into the online form

  1. Enter your details into our online event submission form. Follow the prompts and enter data into the relevant fields. Please take your time to ensure that all your event details are accurate and complete.
  2. Be sure to select an ‘Event Category’.
  3. Upload your resized image into your event listing.
  4. Proof-read your listing! Are your event details correct? You cannot edit it after you have submitted it!
  5. You are ready to submit your event. Once you are sure your listing is at its best and the content is correct, hit the ‘submit’ button.

Approval Phase

  1. Approval phase. After your event has been submitted, an email will be sent to the BLH Coordinator for approval of your event listing. Once the Coordinator is satisfied with your event, made any minor edits to your listing, your event will be approved and published on the ‘What’s On’ calendar.
  2. What if something went wrong? If something went wrong, please contact the BLH Coordinator for support. You will be required to email any corrections to