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Discover the Queensland Muslim Historical Society and Museum

The Queensland Muslim Historical Society is dedicated to fostering public awareness of Muslim history in Queensland. By collecting artefacts, conducting research, and preserving records, the society plays a crucial role in maintaining and showcasing the rich heritage of Muslims in the region.


The Queensland Muslim Museum

Housed in a hall adjacent to the historic Holland Park Mosque, the Queensland Muslim Museum was inaugurated on 12 March 2017. The museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and contributions of Muslims in Queensland. Visitors can explore a variety of exhibits that highlight the significant role Muslims have played in the state’s development, from the early Afghan cameleers to the diverse community of today.

Holland Park Mosque: A Heritage Landmark

The Holland Park Mosque, established in 1908 by Afghan cameleers, is the oldest mosque on Australia’s East Coast and a pivotal spiritual hub for Brisbane’s Muslim community. Originally housed in a traditional Queenslander style home, it was later replaced by a modern brick structure in 1966 to accommodate the growing community. This iconic mosque, renowned for its continuous operation for over a century, also serves as a vibrant community centre hosting social events, educational programs, and cultural activities.


A Community Hub

The mosque and museum together serve as a testament to the enduring presence and integration of Muslims in Australian society. The museum’s establishment within this historical site underscores the commitment to preserving the rich heritage and fostering a deeper understanding of the Muslim community’s contributions to Queensland’s cultural fabric.


Above: The original “Queenslander” Mosque and the subsequent modern version in 1966.


How to Visit

Visit the Queensland Muslim Museum at the Holland Park Mosque to immerse yourself in the history and stories that have shaped the Muslim community in Queensland.

Address: 309 Nursery Rd, Holland Park QLD 4121

Phone: +61 435 086 796

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/QMHSoc/


From the QMHS facebook page: A visit from Her Excellency Jeanette Young, Governor of Qld in 2023.